BMSB update New containerized vehiclesmachinery ex Japan

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As you may be aware BMSB (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug) and YSSB (Yellow Spotted Stink Bug) interceptions have recently increased from Japan. Unfortunately the bugs do not differentiate between new or used cargo. As such the decision has been made by MPI to increase and enhance the border activity on FCL containers e.g. MPI supervised devan on a range of new and used cargo. The additional cargo targeted from Japan will include new vehicles, some machinery and equipment, which will be sent for MPI supervised devan. If used VMT (vehicles machinery, tyres) is imported then the standard requirements will still apply but may now also include an MPI supervised de-van requirement.

This profile will target all Japanese FCLs (containing the above range of goods) that are shipped from Japan from the 13th of April up until, and including the 30th of April 2018.

Understandably this will in some cases increase the delays to cargo that has previously been unaffected. MPI’s stance on BMSB remains focused on keeping this pest out, and to enhance border activities where we deem it necessary.

Whilst the target evaluation team has consistently processed a high volume of eBACCa applications the effects of the above alert have been assessed and found, although increasing our number of applications, not to significantly impact the queue.

The team will process according to priority will consider urgency requests in a fair and transparent manner, if you find your cargo is negatively impacted please refer to the urgency criteria attached.